5 Reasons You Should Be Clay Masking

5 Reasons You Should Be Clay Masking

First it was coffee scrubs, then coconut oil, followed by tattooed beauty. What’s next for cult beauty trends? Clay face masks. Though clay has been around for centuries, clay masks have currently skyrocketed in popularity due to their potent effects on detoxifying and healing the skin. When Cheryl Ross (the fabulous skincare formulator) collaborated with new skincare brand, Minenssey, to exclusively formulate a line of clay masks, she chose Australian clay, botanicals and native extracts as the main ingredients. Australian clays are considered to be pure as our pollution levels are relatively low, so their popularity over the world has increased, Cheryl explains. Why should you choose clay masks for your next at-home Spa session? Here are a 5 reasons…

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Story by Molly Gay. Photos by Minenssey.

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