Announcing Sigourney’s new role with Minenssey Skincare

Announcing Sigourney’s new role with Minenssey Skincare

I’m thrilled to share the news that I have taken on a consulting role with Minenssey as their Chief Experience Officer. As the company releases a full skincare line over the coming months, I’ll be advising on new product development and making sure that each launch is ideally positioned for the global beauty consumer. I’ll also be working closely with Cheryl and the team on all facets of product design as well as creating content for both Minenssey and Beauticate.


I first came across the brand last year when the founder and formulator Cheryl Ross sent me their range of clay masks. The sleek single-use ‘pods’ caught my attention as much for their innovative packaging design as for their potent indigenous Australian botanical ingredients.

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Story by Sigourney Cantelo, photography by Alice Mahran, videography by Patrick Justin.

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