Defining Skin Health and Radiance

Defining Skin Health and Radiance

How do we know if our skin is in good health? What even is good skin? How can we invite practices to support our relationship to our skin and cells, and in turn our relationship with our body?

Always honest, we’re aware that skincare is an industry built on external ideas of achieving the illusion of perfect skin. In the eyes of the skincare industry, skin must be dewy yet malleable, able to support makeup yet acne free, sans wrinkles yet aged gracefully. It is an industry that invites speculation on what constitutes healthy skin, but not enough discussion and honest conversation of the simple fact that all skin is different and should be treated with specific and well-intentioned product blends.


What is healthy skin?

Ultimately, skin health is telling of internal health. At its most basic, healthy skin should be smooth, hydrated, warm, and without irritation in the form of acne, rashes, or inflammation. That being said, healthy skin lives in environments free of external stressors such as pollutants, which is why skincare products can be radically supportive and beneficial to achieving holistic health.

Composed of three layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer - skin is the body’s largest and most productive organ. In addition to regulating body temperature and influencing the immune system, skin protects the body from external dangers and influences ranging from germs and bacteria to UV rays. Intricately connected to the nervous system, skin truly is a reflection of what’s happening inside the body - from gut health, to cell regeneration, to thyroid health. Products come into play to calm or support skin disturbances and states to eventually reach a state of balanced skin with minimal product interference


How can I preserve and support my skin?

Skincare is an art, science, and practice. To best preserve and support your skin, it is essential to deeply understand your skin type and how to best help it thrive.


Normal Skin

Status: Minimal breakouts without a need for excess products. Your skin is firm and doesn’t react to environment changes or new products.

Preserve and support through:  Any ingredients or products that intrigue you. Normal skin can tolerate shifting ingredients, which means you can swap products until you find a line or combination of products that suit your skin.

 Try: Minenssey Hydrating Range or Rejuvenating Range, plus our Clay Mask Exploration Set.


Oily Skin

Status: Without product, your skin glows and emits oil naturally. Makeup and skincare products may not work well with your skin due to excess oil.

Preserve and support through:   Simple ingredients that are light on the oils. Any products labeled ‘non-comedogenic’ or natural goods - like clay masks or chemical exfoliants - are your friends.

Try: Minenssey Deep Cleansing Clay Mask and a light elixir such as our Absolutes.


Dry Skin

Status: Dry skin shows itself easily. You’ve experienced patchy skin, notice flakiness, feel overly sensitive, and always want to moisturise.

Preserve and support through: Keep the moisture in with rich and hydrating moisturisers, preferably with a water based. Drink plenty of water.

Try: Minenssey Hydrating Range and Hydrating Clay Mask.


Combination Skin

Status: Part oily, part normal, and part dry, combination skin is a puzzle that needs constant decoding.

Preserve and support through:  Balanced products that stray away from alcohol-based products and spot treatments for problem areas.

Try: Minenssey Clay Mask Range and the Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask.


Acne Prone

Status:  Frequent breakouts that hint at constantly clogged pores.

Preserve and support through:  Acne-specific exfoliants, cleanser, and moisturizers formulated to minimize irritation. Acne-fighting ingredients like clay or retinol are king.

Try: Minenssey Deep Cleansing Clay Mask and Minenssey Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask.


Sensitive Skin

Status: Sensitive skin may get irritated easily, burn after product use, or frequently rash.

Preserve and support through: Gently and products rich with anti-inflammatory properties and with minimal ingredients.

Try: Minenssey Absolutes, Hydrating Souffle & Hydrating Essence as well as Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask.

Across all skin types, products that focus on restoring and preserving skin health is crucial. The Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask, for example, prioritises amplifying the skin's natural self-renewal system while boosting with a defence prebiotic to support skin’s good bacteria. Rich with localised ingredients, the Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask benefits those who live in harsh environments such as Australia, as the plants that make up the mask have lived through the same seasons as our skin.


Additionally, we can always support our skin outside of intelligent product selection including incorporating the below into our daily routine:

  • Applying sunscreen daily. The beautiful and strong Australian sun may seem alluring, but overexposure to the sun can kill skin cells.
  • Staying hydrated, always. The more water, the happier your skin.
  • Keeping the body moving. Movement encourages circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells and promotes collagen production.
  • Sleeping more - resting allows for appropriate circulation. Too little sleep, and you’ll begin to notice wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles.
  • Rinsing daily and inviting habitual ceremony through skincare - starting and ending each day with a few minutes to prep and nourish your skin.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet rich in fiber, nutrients, and hydration. Vegetables, grains, and healthy fats result in glowing skin from the inside out.

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