Here’s How To Repair Skin From Top To Toe

Here’s How To Repair Skin From Top To Toe

As the air warms by degrees and morning walks are brightened by the scent of blooming jasmine, naturally our attention turns to the skin on our body. Limbs that have been safely encased all winter need that extra dose of TLC – and fast. Here are five easy ways to breathe new life into your body.


 1. Brisk, dry body brushing


A sure fire way to kick start your circulation and dial up the glow is to start every second shower with a vigorous dry brushing with a firm bristle brush. Start from your feet and work in long firm strokes towards your heart. You should brush hard enough that you really feel it but it shouldn’t be painful. This serves a dual purpose of detoxifying the body by pushing the lymphatic fluid through the lymphatic system, while also sloughing off dead skin cells. Your skin will be exfoliated and perfectly primed to receive your skincare.


 2. Scrub up with something scented


Once in the shower, cleanse with a gentle and hydrating flower-spiked body wash. Minenssey Cleansing Body Wash combines the mood-boosting notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and grapefruit in a deeply hydrating base. Jojoba and macadamia nut oil nourish the skin, leaving it noticeably softer.


 3. Finish with a blast of cold


The ultimate circulation boost is a bracing spray of cold water. You can either just turn off the tap and go for it or build yourself up mentally with some breathing techniques Wim Hof style. Either way, the shock to your nervous system is a proven remedy for your circulation, bringing vital blood flow to the surface of the skin and leaving you glowing and ready for the day.


 4. The stiff towel off


Next time you wash your towels, dry them in the sun. The fabric takes on a fresh stiffness that creates the perfect exfoliating mitt. Use your sun-stiffened towel to briskly rub and exfoliate your skin further starting with the toes and paying close attention to knees and elbows, where tough skin builds up. Give yourself another blast of water after you do this to wash away any old tan or dead skin cells. This is a great way to prep skin for a new layer of fake tan, too.


 5. Hydrate from head to toe


While the skin is still slightly damp, slather on body lotion, this will help it absorb into the skin. The perfect partner to the body wash, Minenssey Body Lotion is a fast-absorbing lotion is packed with nourishing fatty acids and antioxidants to prevent free radical damage. The scent is even stand-out enough to skip the fragrance completely: ripe Jasmine and honeysuckle with a zesty sparkling of Pink Grapefruit. Perfect for ushering in another gorgeous Spring day.


Words by Sigourney Cantelo

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