How To Layer Your Skincare

How To Layer Your Skincare

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As our skincare routines become more lengthy and complicated it’s no longer just about what you use, but when you use it. You might already have your head around the cleanser and toner part, but throw essences, serums, emulsions, ampoules and sheet masks into the mix and things get kind of foggy. In an effort to defog things a bit, I chatted to cosmetics formulator for Minenssey, Cheryl Ross.


“I have always been a great fan of layering, it makes sense to me particularly for the harsh Australian climate,” explains Cheryl. “Such as liquids, light gels and milky moisturisers for summer, or liquids, gels, oils and nourishing creams and balms for winter. If you have the right product, you should see an improvement in your skin very quickly.”

Since consulting with Minenssey in my role as Chief Experience Officer, I’ve been working with the team on copywriting and packaging concepts for the new line of skincare they are launching. While coming up with the text that goes on the boxes, we’ve had to think carefully about how women use skincare. One thing that keeps coming up is that there needs to be more education around how we use products, particularly new categories, like essences and absolutes. Cheryl was happy to help shed some light, here’s what she said…


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