Multi-Masking at Bangalay Luxury Villas

Multi-Masking at Bangalay Luxury Villas

To celebrate the launch of the new Minenssey Clay Mask Exploration Set, we’ve partnered with luxury boutique resort, Bangalay Luxury Villas in Shoalhaven Heads, New South Wales. During September and October (while stocks last) guests will be gifted a Clay Mask Exploration Set in their villas. Immersed in the raw and verdant beauty of the Australian South Coast, Bangalay is the perfect spot to showcase Minenssey’s local botanical ingredients and allow guests to unwind and relax with an indulgent face mask.

The Clay Mask Exploration Set features each of the four mask varieties and is a convenient way to sample their varied activities. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try multi-masking. A technique where you apply different masks to alternative zones of the face, multi-masking allows you to target skincare concerns with specific ingredients. 

Skin Exploration Set

With the partnership beginning in September, I took the opportunity to escape from the grind (and our young families!) for some pampering and bonding time with my good friend and photographer, Alice Mahran.  

The villas at Bangalay are spacious and airy with gas fireplaces and large balconies that look out onto expansive native gardens. There’s a sparkling aquamarine pool, a quaint garden swing and an impressive restaurant that features an adventurous menu full of indigenous botanical ingredients.  

Over a glass of wine Alice and I sampled the Clay Mask Exploration Set and did some multi-masking of our own. The Deep Cleansing Mask is best applied to the T-Zone of the face, or wherever you experience excessive oil production. It contains green clay, parsley seed and pepperberry to draw out impurities, prevent breakouts and fight free radicals. 

Alice wanted to address some pigmentation she has on her cheeks so I recommended she apply the Rejuvenating Mask to the area – the blend of pink clay, Kakadu plum and pomegranate helps minimise pigmentation and create an enviable even-toned complexion

I was suffering from dry flaky skin, so I decided to combine the Hydrating Mask with a few drops of quenching Flannel Flower Absolute. This supercharges the mask with a double dose of moisturising Flannel Flower and helps skin retain hydration for hours to come. 

Multi-masking set

The great thing about the Minenssey Clay Masks is that they don’t dry and crack so you can wear them comfortably for twenty minutes (ample time to get stuck into a good book – or in this case - a cheese board with a girlfriend). We removed the masks with a warm, damp face washer, which helps exfoliate the skin slightly, too. Cue beautiful, glowing skin. 

Demonstrating both brand’s respect for the local and the natural, the Minenssey x Bangalay collaboration is the ultimate way to experience multi-masking at one of New South Wales’ most tranquil locations. 

 Words by Sigourney Cantelo

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