Everything You Should Know About The Flannel Flower

Everything You Should Know About The Flannel Flower

Nature truly is amazing. Centuries of evolution in diverse environments create potent and resilient plant rich with nutrients. And the Flannel Flower? That’s one of the most incredible and inspiring Australian botanicals we’ve ever worked with.

The Flannel Flower, also known as actinotus helianthi, is a flowering plant native to bushland around New South Wales. In Greek, its scientific name roughly translates to ‘ray’ or ‘sunbeam.’ A herbaceous shrub, the Flannel Flower is soft and pale gray lightly dusted with unpigmented hairs. If you’ve ever been to Sydney, you might recognize this iconic plant as it’s strewn among the city and surrounding natural areas.

Surprisingly, the Flannel Flower is part of the ‘Apium Genius’ family, making it closely related to plants like carrots, celery, dill, and coriander. While you can’t eat it, this plant is unique because of its ability to deeply penetrate the skin and provide optimal hydration. Sharing many of the same traits of the Apium genius family, the Flannel Flower is incredible at locking in moisture and giving the skin a healthy glow while encouraging sustained hydration. Adding the Flannel Flower to a skincare routine both brightens and quenches tired skin thanks to its range of phytoactives. 

The Minenssey Hydrating Range incorporates deeply nourishing Flannel Flower alongside other Australian native botanicals Beetroot Extract, Gardenia Extract and Marshmallow Root. The natural ingredients work in synergy with probiotic ACB Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor to strengthen and balance the skin’s microbiome resulting in a healthier, more resilient complexion. The range of gentle formulas provide moisture and relief for all skin types, particularly sensitive, stressed-out, dry and dehydrated complexions in need of instant nourishment.

Heavy in antioxidants, the Flower fights inflammation and encourages an even skin tone by reducing free radical damage. Through our Bio-Mimic Extraction Technology, we keep all active nutrients intact so the flowers’ small but mighty molecules can deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin in a range of products.

To truly elevate and celebrate the Flannel Flowers, we’ve introduced a few iterations in our Clay Mask Range and Flannel Flower Absolute as well. Discover our favourites.

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