The rinse-free cleanse that cares for your skin

The newest addition to the Minenssey stable is one of those products that once you try, you’ll wonder how you lived without. Micellar Cleansing Water is as versatile as it is essential. It’s a one-step, wipe-on cleansing solution that doesn’t require the use of water to remove makeup and impurities from the skin. Simply soak a cotton pad and wipe everything away, no basin required.

I remember how Micellar cleansers revolutionized the world of skincare when they burst onto the scene several years ago. Our routines have never looked back. The concept that skin could be convincingly cleansed with a lightweight solution without the need for rinsing was near inconceivable. But sure enough, cosmetic chemists created a formula containing surfactants (the ingredient that whisks away dirt and oil) that were carried by micelles, and the rest is history.

Minenssey Micellar Cleansing Water takes the concept one step further with added botanicals that actually soothe the skin at the same time.

Chamomile leads the charge by calming the inflammation that leads to acne, dryness and rashes. This plant-powered ingredient is a potent antioxidant that protects cells against free radical damage.

Sourced from the sunny petals of Marigold flowers, calendula is also included for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory powers. It’s also wonderfully soothing and provides the perfect salve for a distressed dermis.

Rounding out the superstar ingredient trifecta is White Tea – another powerful antioxidant that shields the skin from environmental damage while working dialling up brightness and luminosity. With natural anti-ageing properties, White Tea actively preserves collagen in the skin assisting in the reduction of fine lines.

The featherlight, fragrance-free formula cools on contact and whisks away stubborn makeup, dirt and oils, leaving your skin comfortably cleansed.

With its plant-sourced pedigree I predict the Minenssey Micellar Cleansing Water will become a bona-fide backstage staple. The quick turnaround for models from arrival to marching means that makeup artists have but minutes to turn them around from the prior show. The lack of nearby basins has made the Micellar absolutely ubiquitous.

Minenssey’s incarnation is particularly covetable at Fashion Week and beyond thanks to the sleek minimalist packaging and push-down pump dispenser. The clever mechanism means you can simply push the cotton pad down to saturate it with product. There’s no fiddling with lids, ergo it saves vital seconds.

Personally, the Micellar has already become a daily part of my ritual. On minimal-makeup days I use it as my only cleanse because it’s so quick (and TBH I can’t be bothered to wash my face). Anything time-saving like that gets my instant tick of approval.

When I have more makeup on, I’ll use the Micellar as the first step of a two-phase approach, following with the Hydrating Cleansing Souffle. As many a skincare junkie will attest, there are few things more satisfying than sighting heavy makeup on your cotton pad, knowing that it’s been adequately removed from your precious skin. And with a role call like that of soothing ‘skingredients’ you’ll know your most precious asset is as well cared for as it is clean.


Words by Sigourney Cantelo