Why I Changed My Mind About Masks

Why I Changed My Mind About Masks

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In the interests of full transparency, I’ll confess that I rarely bother with masks. Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of them: a fast fix; a dermal do-over; a panacea for all your skin woes. But I treat them like a luxury; nice-to-do IF there’s time. And, naturally, there’s rarely time. I still write about them and love trying new formulations once or twice but beyond that they tend to fall later down my to-do list, somewhere between reorganising my shoe collection and de-pilling my cashmere jumpers.


However, my prejudice is somewhat challenged when I’m asked to a special pop-up Spa Session for cult Australian clay mask brand Minenssey. The invitation is from the brand’s founder Cheryl Ross – a beauty industry veteran and cosmetic formulator for over 15 years. I schedule it in promptly, eager to get her take on my Great Masking Conundrum…

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Story by Sigourney Cantelo, photography by Kira Céline. In association with Minenssey.

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