Why Your Skin’s Microbiome Matters

Why Your Skin’s Microbiome Matters

Why Your Skin Microbiome Matters.

Caring for your skin’s microbiome has become a recent trend within skincare circles. This is because having a balanced skin’s microbiome will create a healthier complexion.

The skin’s microbiome is an ecosystem of organisms that live on the skin and it contributes to your overall health, and how well skincare products are absorbed. Within the community of organisms, there are hundreds of species of bacteria. Don’t worry bacteria is a good thing for your skin. In fact, bacteria is an essential thing for healthy skin. It’s just about having the right balance.


So what causes an unbalanced microbiome?
There are many factors, such as pollution, UV rays as well as makeup, but one of the main culprits is a harsh cleanser. As they work to cleanse the skin of bad bacteria, they also strip away the good bacteria and upset the skin’s microflora. We’ve spent decades scrubbing our skin to try and get it squeaky clean, without realising that we’re doing more harm than good. We’re upsetting our skin’s natural pH balance and stripping away the essential bacteria. This will cause a lot of skin problems as the destruction and imbalance of skin flora will lead to a thinner stratum corneum, increased skin sensitivity, acne, and a loss of moisture. As a result, breakouts, eczema and rosacea may occur.

Maintaining a healthy skin microbiome should be a top priority for every skin type. That’s why prebiotic and probiotic skincare products can help rebuild and strengthen the skin’s barrier, protect against pollution, soothe inflammation and reduce acne. Probiotic skin care works by delivering good bacteria and nutrients to the skin and brighten the complexion.

Australian natural skincare brand Minenssey’s new hydrating range contains deeply moisturising flannel flower, and ACB Yogurt a potent probiotic extract which supports stimulation of collagen production and improve oxygen uptake for cellular respiration. Together they work in harmony to replenish and lock in moisture while helping restore the skin’s microbiome and flight the signs or ageing.

During the launch of the highly anticipated hydrating range Cheryl Ross founder of Minenssey, alongside with Sigourney and some 25 influences including Brittany Hockley and Madeline Crowe, celebrated together and became the first few people to experience the products first hand.

The line comprises of a Cleansing Souffle, a Dynamic Facial Essence, Complete Eye Cream, and Quenching Aqua Cream which all include ingredients like gardenia extract and river mint, in addition to probiotic ACB Yogurt Dermal Respiratory Factor, which supports you’re skin’s biome and boost collagen for plumper skin.





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