Brand story and promise

Our Story, Our Promise

Our Story

MINENSSEY IS AN AUSTRALIAN skincare brand that
uses natural and high-efficacy, earth-based ingredients such
as native botanical extracts to help women showcase their
unique beauty.
Founded by renowned formulator and former international
model, Cheryl Ross, Minenssey approaches skincare as a
journey, not just a destination.
As the daughter of a botanist, Cheryl spent her youth in
the Australian bush researching the healing power of active
It was there that she first discovered the transformational
effect plant-based beauty can have on the complexion,
harnessing the power of the rich Australian terrain; from
White Clay and Flannel Flower, to Kakadu Plum and
Kangaroo Paw.
Over the years, Cheryl perfected this process combining
her passion for the medicinal properties in nature with the
alchemy of science to unlock its full potential.
She carefully selects evidence-based ingredients, which are
harvested using breakthrough technologies, in tried and
tested concentrations and combinations, to improve skin
quality whilst awakening the senses.