The Best Australian Botanicals for Skin Health

The Best Australian Botanicals for Skin Health

Australia is the land of beautiful extremes. Harsh sand dunes meet the sea as tropical rainforests dance into temperate Mediterranean woodlands. Home to eight drastically different ecosystems, our wilderness creates resilient and adaptable plants rich with unique properties. 

Homegrown ingredients and the Australian way of life go hand in hand. Clean and easy beauty meets an outdoor lifestyle rich in simple pleasure. Culturally, we’re drawn to clean ingredients and knowledge of the integrity of what we buy. 

Luckily for us, we look no further than our very own backyards to source a range of Australian botanicals incredible for restoring and preserving skin health. Among the dozens of natural ingredients found in the bush, a select few standout for their irreplaceable impact on the skin. From the Vitamin-C rich Kakadu Plum, to the ever-so hydrating Flannel Flower, Minenssey formulas are truly a celebration of beautiful plants our country offers. 


Kakadu Plum

Visually similar to a pear, the Kakadu Plum is a small green fruit native to the Kakadu region of Western Australia. Containing more Vitamin C than any other fruit on earth, it improves skin texture and reverses sun damage due to its high antioxidant content. Those same antioxidants help with collagen production and reduce pigmentation resulting in a supportive and even complexion.

Kakadu Plum can be found in the Rejuvenating Range  


Flannel Flower

Recognisably Australian, the soft grey Flannel Flower is a superstar. Rich in antioxidants, the flower's properties actively fights inflammation and encourages an even skin tone by reducing free radical damage. Active botanical nutrients moisturize and boat skin elasticity.

Flannel Flower can be found in the Absolute and Hydrating Range 


Kangaroo Paw

Western Australia take a bow. The distinctive Kangaroo Paw flower often found blooming bright, yellow, and red is a powerful botanical used by Indigenous Australians for its soothing and healing properties. Taking notes from the stewards of the land, the Kangaroo Paw flower beautifully finds its place in the skincare world due to its rejuvenating power, ability to reduce wrinkles, and collection of essential fatty acids that hydrate and brighten.

Kangaroo Paw can be found in the Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask


Finger Lime

Straight from the rainforests of South East Queensland, the vibrant green, red or brown Finger Lime is hard to ignore. The bioactive compounds of the lime help facilitate and welcome absorption of other ingredients for the skin while supporting collagen production. Oh — and it contains 3x more vitamin C than a mandarin. Finger Lime seeds are especially wonderful for healing acne and disrupted skin.

Finger Lime can be found in the Nutritious Skin Treatment Mask 


Snow Flower

The delicate white flowers resembling frost of the Snow Flower hold a wide range of active phytonutrients known for their ability to reduce inflammation, redness, and pigmentation while repairing the skin from inside out. The Snow Flower also contains a range of antioxidants that support anti-aging. 

Snow Flower can be found in the Brightening Mask 


Desert Red Quandong

One of Australia’s most notable botanicals, the Desert Red Quandong is known for its nutrient-rich profile. Containing a range of acids that hydrate and protect against free radicals, this fruit is a must for supported skin. Additionally, this desert treasure boasts Vitamin C and D, necessary for sustained hydration in the skin. 

Desert Red Quandong can be found in the Hydrating Cleansing Souffle

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